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Included in the FONSI report are updated Noise Study Results (see Page 29, FONSI-26).

Bottom line: Northwood (West Hunt Road) is the only area that will qualify for noise barriers.

Please, review this information. Once you have read it you will surely want to contact everyone you can to let them know this new bypass should not be built. This is just one reason of many.

There are 9 noise analysis areas: 1) Northwood (West Hunt Raod), 2) Springbrook (East Hunt Road), 3) Payne Avenue residences, 4) Cusick Road and Payne Avenue hotels, 5) Belfour Circle residences, 6) The Days Inn on Alcoa Highway, 7) Cedar Hill neighborhood, nearby mobile homes and apartments, from Cardin Lane to Concord Lane/Tammy Circle 8) Glenmore Estates from Glenmore Drive to Caldwell Lane, and 9) Mimosa Heights area.

If no bypass is built, the study predicts that in 24 years (2035), 10,000-12,000 more cars will travel on the existing Alcoa Highway. They say this could increase the traffic noise by 1 decibel (db).

If the bypass is built, the study predicts that the noise analysis areas will be affected as shown in the following table.

The hotels will not be affected (areas 4 and 6).

They say that the Springbrook neighborhood and park (area 2) would only be affected by an increase of 1 db, at the most. The new road will be positioned right between Springbrook and the existing highway. So much closer but so little affect. Hmmmm. They then have the nerve to say that some of the Springbrook residences will have reduced noise, by up to 8db, because "the new northbound ramp from the SR-115 Bypass to existing SR-115 will be elevated on a fill and will provide significant new shielding from traffic on the SR-115 Bypass and existing SR-115." Wonderful! A huge, elevated interstate ramp close to the neighborhood protects from sound and makes the residents feel so much better. I'm shocked at this analysis. One of Alcoa's most historic and beautiful neighborhoods, including the park, and nobody cares. In addition, the sound levels could reach 66 db, which is a level that could warrant consideration for noise abatement. But, no consideration is given.

Belfour Circle (area 5) and Glenmore Estates residences (area 8) are predicted to have an increase of 2-3 db. But, hey, the sound will be below the 66 db required for noise abatement, 60 to 65 db for Belfour Circle and 55 to 63 db predicted for Glenmore Estates.

Areas 1 (Northwood), 3 (Payne Ave. residences), 7 (Cedar Hill area), and 9 (Mimosa Heights) could have sound increases from 5-7 db. Northwood is predicted to have sound levels from 57-73 db, Payne Ave from 61-65 db, Cedar Hill from 54-67 db, and Mimosa Heights from 56-64. 5-7 db is quite an increase in sound. However, notice that since Payne Avenue and Mimosa Heights do not meet the 66 db criteria, no noise abatement is recommended.

The Cedar Hill area residences will be highly affected by road noise. However, the study states that "a noise barrier for Noise Analysis Area 7 is not feasible because a minimum 5 dB noise reduction cannot be achieved at the impacted residence." Does this mean the road will be so close there is nothing they can do to alleviate the noise?

Northwood is the only winner in this report. But, they too are not winners. There are no guarantees. "A noise barrier for Noise Analysis Area 1 [Northwood] is feasible and reasonable and is "likely" to be constructed as part of the project based on the analysis completed using the conceptual projects plans."

There are so many reasons this road should not be built. The increased noise affecting established neighborhoods is just one.


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