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WATE had a report about the project on the 5:30 news. They talked with TDOT and city officials and one local businessman about the benefits, and mentioned the opposition at

We are glad the project is getting some media coverage pending tomorrow's hearing. All affected residents should attend to learn more about what is being proposed and how it will affect the community.

A couple of notes. WATE reports the daily traffic count as 60,000 as opposed to 75,000 reported in the local paper quoting a city official last week. (TDOT says it's in the 50,000 to 55,000 range.)

WATE reports the number of fatalities as six compared to nine as reported by the local paper quoting a city official last week. (Our search of news archives only found two in the project area, but one is one too many.)

The cost has gone up from $64 million to as much as $80 million according to the WATE report. WATE also reported that there is no design but there is money in the budget for right-of-way acquisition.

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Fear factor

They (City of Alcoa, TDOT) keep talking about making Alcoa Highway safer but it is apparent they are not too concerned.

Within the last month a new crossover was added just south of the dangerous Wright Road crossover/access. This crossover was added for what appears to be a single business, a bank, and the bank has been in that location for some time. Another crossover to turn left into traffic does not give of the concern for safety.

A new bank is going up across the highway from the airport. In the section where this new bank will be located there is no access to the existing restaurant and hotel nor the future bank except from Alcoa Highway. What are they thinking? Add more traffic to Alcoa Highway, more accesses off and on without a thought for safety. Why was/is there no plan to require access to this area from a road other than Alcoa Highway? It can still be done. Do they care about safety?

Are promises being made? Why do the powers that be continue to harp on the safety of Alcoa Highway but continue to make it more unsafe?

Not Quite Correct

M. Neal,

I hate to differ with you, but they did not add a new crossover just south of Wright Road. I am a customer of that bank, and that crossover has been there for well over 20 years. It has been the scene of many horrible wrecks. What they did do, was add a safety area for southbound people to make left turns into that crossover.

At the same time, they eliminated the old northbound turn lane and crossover to the now demolished Farrport Market. And, they eliminated the entrance/exit to Shoney's on Wright Road closest to the highway.

I'm no fan of Alcoa's plan, but I do think these three moves improved safety in that area.

Thanks, Anonymous. That has

Thanks, Anonymous. That has been brought to our attention.

I am glad for bank customers that this turn has been made more safe.

It does not seem like a good idea to have a single crossover for a single business along this highway. If the bank has been there so long, it seems like there should be connectivity between the parking areas of businesses on either side of the bank. Not every business along Alcoa Highway can have a crossover. This one seems like it could be particularly dangerous, and according to you has been in the past, because it is so close to the Wright Road intersection.

Thank you Randy.

Thank you Randy.


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