The draft version of the TDOT public hearing meeting transcript includes all citizen input in regard to the option to build a new Alcoa Bypass parallel to the existing Alcoa Highway. After reviewing the documents and analyzing the comments, with some help from a reader, here are some results.

Does it appear there is a coordinated effort by City of Alcoa and local business to push this project?

Ten employees from one local company that is a local producer of construction aggregates submitted comments to TDOT regarding this project.

Does it appear that many of the people supporting this project stand to benefit from the project?

There were 112 attendees at the Nov. 9, 2010 public hearing

  • twenty-three were TDOT employees or sub-contractors
  • fourteen were local government employees; ten from the City of Alcoa
  • fourteen represented various businesses, e.g. Alcoa, Inc., car dealerships, Clayton Bank, Blount County Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development Board Blount Partnership, as well as The Daily Times and WVLT
  • The remaining sixty-one were citizens where any affiliation was unidentifiable

Of the attendees, twenty-five people spoke and had questions for TDOT. Analysis of the input indicated:

  • eight of the speakers were opposed to a new bypass (two were from the same business)
  • six spoke in favor of the bypass (four of which were business or government)
  • eleven made comments without speaking for or against the bypass

In all, TDOT received input from eighty-one individuals; some spoke at the public hearing or spoke with the meeting recorder and some sent letters or public comment forms to TDOT.

Analysis of the public input indicates the following:

Twenty-three respondents oppose the bypass

  • four of these respondents oppose it as it is currently proposed
  • three were local business owners
  • all but two were Blount County residents or business owners negatively affected by the bypass

Thirty-nine respondents do not oppose the bypass

  • eight (20.5%) were local government officials
  • two were spouses of local government officials
  • one is from an asphalt company
  • eight (20.5%) were from a local producer of construction aggregates: primarily crushed stone, sand and gravel
  • two were involved in commercial real estate development
  • two were owners of multiple car dealerships on Alcoa Highway in Alcoa
  • one is a local business owner
  • sixteen were citizens where any affiliation was unidentifiable, three of these were not from Blount County and six travel Alcoa Highway to work every day
  • thirteen (33.3%) were not Blount County residents and/or do not have a business with a presence in Blount County

Nineteen respondents were not definitive on whether they opposed the bypass or not, they were mostly concerned with safety on Alcoa Highway and noise pollution

  • one is a local government official
  • one represents the Blount County Chamber of Commerce
  • two were from a local producer of construction aggregates: primarily crushed stone, sand and gravel
  • three were local business owners
  • all but three were Blount County residents or business owners that might be negatively affected by the bypass


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