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According to the Daily Times,

Hammon [Alcoa Assistant City Manager] estimated there are more than 75,000 vehicles a day traveling Alcoa Highway, 20 percent of which are generated by McGhee Tyson Airport.

According to TDOT, the traffic counts are nearly 25,000 vehicles a day less.

  • 40,825 - Alcoa Highway Station # 216, just north of Pellissippi Pkwy
  • 54,620 - Alcoa Highway Station #15, just south of Pellissippi Pkwy
  • 51,218 - Alcoa Highway Station # 13, just north of the airport interchange
  • 51,491 - Alcoa Highway Station # 112, just south of Hunt Road

Also, I don't get the 20% generated by McGhee Tyson Airport. Based on the TDOT numbers above, it doesn't appear the traffic counts before/after the airport increase by 20%.

What are the actual traffic counts?

UPDATE: Apparently traffic counts are down from the all time high. Thus, even with the heavy residential growth in Blount County something has kept the traffic counts down. The traffic count just south of Pellissippi (station 15) is down nearly 14% from the all time recorded high in 2006, back down to 1998 levels. Is it because of the increase in gas prices? Is it because more jobs are moving to Blount County? Either way, there are better alternatives to a new 6 lane speedway through Alcoa.

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all time recorded high in 2006

Were we living large and borrowing all the time back in '06? MN, from '06 at the bottom of the famous gouge of '07-'08, we managed to erase 10,000 cars a day, in just two years by wrecking workers' transportation costs.


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